Owensboro Public Schools Business and Finance Department


Welcome to Owensboro Public Schools Finance Department. The Finance Department manages payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, salary schedules, work calendars, student and property insurance, bids, investments, grant management, financial compliance and reporting, audits, state and federal finance requirements, SBDM allocations, district bond and indebtedness, employee benefits and risk management.

We are proud to serve Owensboro Public Schools and are committed to providing outstanding customer service to our students, parents, employees, taxpayers, and governmental agencies. The goal of our department is to maximize efficiencies and resources to support the OPS vision to "...enable all students to succeed in life, college and careers of tomorrow, equipped to think critically and creatively, solve problems, communicate and collaborate effectively, and participate fully in our democratic society."

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John David Sandefur
Finance Officer


Finance Department Personnel

John David Sandefur
Finance Officer
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Wanda Bradley, CPA
Director of Accounting
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Bethanie Roberts
Staff Accountant
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Carissa Roush
Special Revenue Accountant                         
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Lisa Salmon
Payroll Specialist                                         
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Linda Ashby
Accounts Payable Clerk                    
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Kelly Moore
Accounts Payable Clerk
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Laura Johnson
Benefits Coordinator
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Peggy Laney
Administrative Assistant
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Board Approved Salary Schedules

 TitleCategoryModified Date
Certified Personnel - 2016-2017 School YearSalary Schedules12/22/2017
Certified Personnel - 2017-2018 School YearSalary Schedules7/17/2017
Classified Personnel - 2016-2017 School YearSalary Schedules6/15/2017
Classified Personnel - 2017-2018 School YearSalary Schedules10/4/2017

Monthly Financial Reports

 TitleCategoryCreated Date
October 2017Monthly Report11/21/2017
September 2017Monthly Report11/21/2017
August 2017Monthly Report10/4/2017
July 2017Monthly Report9/8/2017
June 2017Monthly Report7/25/2017
May 2017Monthly Report6/8/2017
April 2017Monthly Report5/12/2017
March 2017Monthly Report4/13/2017
February 2017Monthly Report3/20/2017
January 2017Monthly Report2/7/2017
December 2016Monthly Report1/9/2017
November 2016Monthly Report12/6/2016
October 2016Monthly Report12/6/2016
September 2016Monthly Report10/18/2016
August 2016Monthly Report9/14/2016
July 2016Monthly Report8/5/2016
June 2016Monthly Report7/18/2016
May 2016Monthly Report7/18/2016
April 2016Monthly Report5/5/2016
March 2016Monthly Report4/6/2016
February 2016Monthly Report3/7/2016
January 2016Monthly Report2/5/2016
December 2015Monthly Reports1/8/2016
November 2015Monthly Reports12/4/2015
October 2015Monthly Reports11/4/2015
September 2015Monthly Reports10/6/2015
August 2015Monthly Reports9/8/2015
July 2015Monthly Reports8/13/2015
June 2015Monthly Reports7/29/2015

Annual Financial Reports

 TitleCategoryCreated Date
FY17 AuditAudit12/1/2017
Fiscal Year 2017Annual Report11/29/2017
FY16 AuditAudit12/6/2016
Fiscal Year 2016Annual Report12/6/2016
FY15 AuditAudit12/15/2015
Fiscal Year 2015Annual Report9/2/2015

Budget Committee

 TitleCategoryCreated Date
Priority Needs - Fiscal Year 2015Priority Needs7/29/2015

Vendor Payment List

 TitleCategoryCreated Date

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