Music is the expression of ideas and feelings through sound.

  • Styles - blues, spirituals, popular, rock, rap, country, games songs, work songs, folk songs, lullabies, marches, patriotic, bluegrass
  • Cultures - Native American, West African, American Folk


  • Rhythm - Patterns made by arranging long and short sounds.  Time (meter signature) 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, bar lines, fermata.
  • Harmony - Two or more tones sounding at the same time.  Parts, intervals, tonality (major, resting "home" tone)
  • Melody - A single line of tones that move upward, downward or repeat. UNISON - singing or playing the same pitch.
  • Form - The organizational structure of music, AB, ABA, round, verse/chorus, call & response, repeat signs.
  • Dynamics - The loudness (forte) and softness (piano) of music, medium loud (mezzo forte), medium soft (mezzo piano)
  • Timbre - (tone color) The unique sound of voices or instruments.
  • Tempo - The speed of the beat. (fast or slow).

Periods of Music

  • Medieval:  600-1450
  • Renaissance: 1450-1600
  • Baroque:  1600-1750
  • Classical: 1750 - 1825
  • Romantic: 1825-1900  

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