The OPS Technology Team

District Staff

Matthew Constant - Chief Academic Officer

Don Fogle - System Administrator

Michael Hart - District Computer Technician

Matt Henry - Information Systems Manager

Norman Hill - Media Specialist

Mike Peacock - Computer / Electronics Technician

Jared Revlett - Public Information Officer

Nathan Seaton - Instructional Technology Specialist

Sharon Weafer - Technology Department Secretary

School Techs

Amanda Chancellor - Sutton Elementary

Justin Davis - Estes Elementary & Foust Elementary

Amanda DeLacey - Cravens Elementary

Jeff Hardesty - Owensboro Middle School - North Campus

Chris Lewis - Owensboro High School

Sydney McFadden - Owensboro Middle School - South Campus

Christopher Payne - Owensboro High School

Beth Whitmer - Newton Parrish Elementary

Tech Tips

What's the Status of my Ticket?
What's the Status of my Ticket?

This article is part 2 of the "Need Help?  Please Submit a Ticket" article posted last month.  If you haven't had a chance to read the previous article please do so before reading this article.  This article will cover how to check the status of your ticket and how to add a note to a ticket you submitted.

Need Help?  Please Submit a Ticket.
Need Help? Please Submit a Ticket.

The Technology Ticket System is the quickest, easiest, and best way to get your technology issue resolved.  This system is how the OPS Technology department keeps track of everything that needs to be done.  This article is going to cover how to submit a ticket.  Originally, this article was going to cover all the features of the Ticket System but I quickly discovered it made my article way too long.  I decided instead to cover the features in separate articles. 

Tech Tips Introduction
Tech Tips Introduction

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