Welcome to the OPS Get Started page!  This page is designed to help students, teachers, and staff setup and configure their device to use OPS provided resources like email, Google Apps for Education, and other resources.  It is also designed for those who just need a refresher on how to setup and find technology related items.  

Accessing Your Email

 Access email on the web

To check your email from the web visit http://outlook.office365.com and login with your email address and OPS password.


On the OPS website, https://owensboro.kyschools.us, under "Staff" on the main menu, click "OPS Email" and login with your email address and OPS password.

 Use Outlook to access email

 Set up email on a mobile device

Follow the steps on this web page: Set up Office apps and email on a mobile device
Office 365 is the type of email account or "provider" for your school email.

Google Drive

 What is Google Drive?

With Google Drive, you can upload and store all your files online.  You can access them from any computer, smartphone, or tablet that has an internet connection.  This makes Google Drive an excellent choice to preserve your important data.

All OPS staff and students have a Google Apps account.  Just use your OPS email address and password when signing into Google Drive or any other Google App.  All staff and students have unlimited storage in Google Drive.

Please visit the Google Apps Learning Center for more information on Google Drive.

 Setting up Google Drive.

 What to know about Google Drive.

Get into the habit of making sure the Google Drive App is running on your computer.  If the app is not running some of your files may not be synced.

On a Mac the Google Drive icon will be in the toolbar at the top of the screen if it is running.

On a PC the Google Drive icon will be in the notification area in the bottom right corner of the screen.

If you do not see the icon try reopening the Google Drive App.  

If the icon is grayed out, click on the icon and make sure you are signed in or that you have access to the internet.

 Sharing from Google Drive.

The Google Support website does a really good job of explaining how to share files and folders from Google Drive.

Please be careful when sharing files and folders.  Make sure you set the correct permissions on the files and folders you share.


More Information

 Need Technology Support?

If you need assistance with any technology related issue including technology purchasing please submit a ticket on our Technology Web Help Desk website and your school tech and/or district tech will assist you as soon as possible.

Click here for instructions on how to submit a ticket if you need help.

Proper Care and Cleaning

Here are some helpful reminders and tips on how to care for and clean your district assigned device:

Proper Care

  • Keep all food and drinks away from your district assigned device.
  • Do not eat over or near your district assigned device.
  • Absolutely NO stickers, writing, decals, markings, etc. on the device.
  • Cleaning

  • To clean the screen of your device please click this link and follow the instructions.
  • To clean everything but the screen use a lint free cloth (terry cloth, microfiber cloth) and moisturizer-free, unscented, hand sanitizer.
  • DO NOT use paper towels or tissues.
  • Put the hand sanitizer on the lint free cloth first, DO NOT put hand sanitizer directly on device. Wipe down the device with the lint free cloth.
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