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What's the Status of my Ticket? Bookmark

What's the Status of my Ticket?

There are two ways to review ticket history and add a note to a ticket.  One way is through your OPS email.  After submitting a ticket you will receive an email from "OPS Support".  You will also receive an email when the ticket is updated.  When you read this email be sure to scroll down to the "Notes" section to read any notes entered by the Tech or yourself.

To add a note to the ticket all you need to do is reply to any of the emails you received regarding that ticket or click the "Add Note" button in the Notes section of the ticket email.  If you have submitted multiple tickets be sure to check the ticket number to verify your note relates to the correct ticket.  After typing your note click "Send" and your note will be added to the ticket.  Then the assigned technician and you, the client, will receive an email notifying you the ticket has been updated.

The second option for checking the status of a ticket and/or adding a note to a ticket is to log into the Technology Support website and click the "History" tab at the top of the page.

From this page you can see all of the tickets you submitted.  Clicking on the ticket number will open the details of the ticket.  Then you can click on the "Add Note" button and add your note to the ticket.  Click the "Save" button when finished.

Only your active tickets are displayed on the History page by default.  If you change the "Status" field to "All" then click "Search" you will see all your tickets.  You can use the "Ticket No.", "Status", and "Contains" fields to narrow your search for a particular ticket.

To review, to add a note to a ticket you can reply to any of the ticket emails related to that particular ticket.  Another option is to log into the Technology Ticket System website, click "History", click on the ticket, click "Add Note", add your note, then click "Save".

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Need Help?  Please Submit a Ticket.

How to Submit a Technology Ticket

  1. Go to
  3. Enter your OPS username and password. (This is the same username and password you use to log into your computer)
    1. There are times when we will post messages on the ticket system.  When this happens you will be shown the "Messages" page first.  Please read this message before proceeding.  If it doesn't apply to you click "Request" at the top of the page and continue submitting your ticket.

  5. Select your "Request Type".  Your options:
    1. Technology:  If you have a technology issue or question.
    2. Technology Purchase Request:  If you want to purchase or are looking to purchase a technology related item.  This is the first step to get the purchasing process started.

  6. Select the problem category that is closest to your issue. (This dropdown list will only appear if you select "Technology" as the "Request Type") 
    1. These are listed in alphabetical order.  Please select a category as closely related to your issue as possible.
      1. On the right of the page is "Related FAQs". This list changes depending on the category selected. Look over this list before submitting your ticket it may solve your issue.

  7. (Optional) Enter a Subject for your ticket.

  8. Describe your issue in the "Request Detail" field.  Please try to be a descriptive as possible.

  9. (Optional) Enter an email address in the "Carbon Copy (Cc:)" field you would like to copy this ticket to.

  10. (Optional) Click "Add File" to add any attachments to the "Attachments" field.
    1. After choosing the file to upload you must click the "Upload" button to attach the file to the ticket.

  11. Verify your school "Location".
  13. (Optional) Select your "Room".  This is optional but it really helps us out.
  15. Select your "Priority".
  17. Click "Save".

That's it!  It's only 8-12 steps to submit a technology ticket.

Once your ticket is submitted you will receive an email notifying you of your ticket submission.  Your ticket will be assigned first to your school tech who will also be notified by email when your ticket is submitted.  If your building does not have a school tech your ticket will assigned to a district tech.  You will receive more emails regarding your ticket as it is worked on and resolved.

A few notes on submitting tickets:

  1. Please only have one issue per ticket. Do not put multiple issues in one ticket.

    1. Example: "Cannot connect to Internet and my projector does not work." (These two issues are not related and should be two separate tickets.)

  2. Please submit a ticket for any Technology issue.  If you are not sure your issue requires a ticket for some reason, go ahead and submit a ticket for the issue.

  3. We understand that sometimes the issue you are having prevents you from submitting a ticket, but always try to submit a ticket first before contacting a tech by another means.  If you can't access the Internet in your room try getting on the Technology Support Website to submit a ticket before calling or emailing a tech.  More than likely the Technology Support Website is still accessible.  

Tech Tips Introduction Bookmark

Tech Tips Introduction
The purpose of this blog is to provide more information to faculty, staff, and students about the technology used in our district and technology in general.  There will be times when a post is applicable to everyone not just OPS staff and students.  Please check back or subscribe to the RSS feed for updates.

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