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Growing cabbage plants! Bookmark

Growing cabbage plants!

Mrs. Harralson's kindergarteners recently experimented with planting and growing cabbage seeds.  Seeds were planted in 2 different trays.  One set of seeds received only natural sunlight.  The other tray of seeds was placed under a grow lamp.  The students discovered that the grow lamp helped seeds to grow faster than seeds only receiving natural sunlight.

1st grade learns about spider webs! Bookmark

1st grade learns about spider webs!

Mrs. Lusk's 1st graders recently completed a science unit about spider webs.  These students are proudly displaying their spider web projects!

Art contest Bookmark

Art contest

Christian, a 3rd grade student in Ms. Vincent's class, won 1st place in the Daviess County Conservation District's "Backyard Adventures: Exploring Trees in Your Hometown" poster contest!  He was awarded a plaque, a t-shirt, and $20.  Ms. Vincent's class earned $50 for participating in the poster contest.

Congratulations to Christian!!  



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