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Red Ribbon Week Bookmark

Red Ribbon Week

During the last week of October, students participated in Red Ribbon Week activities and focused on saying no to drugs and alcohol.  While the themes each day were fun and offered students the opportunity to dress up, there was much more than just fun taking place.  Mrs. Jenni Owen, the school counselor, visited each classroom and educated students on the dangers of drugs and alcohol and the benefits of responsible decision making.  The week culminated with our annual red balloon release on Friday afternoon.  Now, students anxiously await for mail from the individuals that find their balloon and pledge card!

Buster Visits Foust Bookmark

Buster Visits Foust

Buster the Bus visited Foust this week to talk about bus safety.  In addition to Buster, students practiced correct procedures on the bus and evacuation.

Abracadabra Bookmark


Students in Ms. Owen's science classes mixed up a variety of potions this week.  After creating just the right formula, students eagerly waited for their potions to react!

Shake Dem Halloween Bones Bookmark

Shake Dem Halloween Bones
First grade students at Foust listen as Dr. Hurley, an Orthopedic Surgeon here in Owensboro, talks about the skeletal system.

Halloween Shopping Bookmark

Halloween Shopping

On Friday, October 21, students were given the opportunity to spend Foust Bucks at the Halloween store.  Items on sale included candy, wigs, decorations, accessories, and full costumes.  Prices ranged from $1 to $50 for students who had been saving throughout the school year.  Students earn Foust bucks for being at school on time and exhibiting outstanding behavior and responsibility through out the day.  Students have many opportunities to shop throughout the year and many are already looking forward to our Christmas Store.  In addition to staff members who donated items for the store, we would also like to thank local businesses for their discounts and donations including Target, 5 Below, Halloween Havoc, Sam's, and Bargain Hunt.  

Student Lighthouse Bookmark

Student Lighthouse

Each year at Foust, students are given the opportunity to participate in our school's Student Lighthouse Team. This “club” consists of a select group of students who exhibit various leadership qualities and are dedicated to making our school and community a better place. For the first time this year, students were asked to complete an application to be considered for the leadership team. Students had to answer questions like, “What makes a great leader?” and “Who is a leader you look up to and why?” Based on student responses, twelve students were chosen and formed our Student Lighthouse Team. This team sets an example for others of what a leader looks like and how a leader behaves. These students also help our school financially by collecting, organizing, and submitting box tops for our school. These students lead the school pledge and Pledge of Allegiance each morning along with recognizing birthdays. The Student Lighthouse Team is a dedicated and ambitious group of students whose main goal is to make our school great! 

Accelerated Reader Party Bookmark

Accelerated Reader Party

Foust students have been working diligently to meet their Accelerated Reader goal for the first nine weeks of school.  On Friday, twenty nine students participated in the AR party by meeting their goal and having an average of 90% or higher.  In addition, twenty six other students met their goal with an average in the 80's and received a take home prize.  Students at the party played a variety of board games and had a sack lunch in the library while watching a Halloween cartoon.  Students will now begin working hard to meet their second quarter AR goal which will run through the middle of December.  Please ask your students about the progress they are making toward their goal and watch for opportunities like Open Library where families can read and take AR quizzes together.  Congratulate your child on meeting their goal!

Reid's Orchard Bookmark

Reid's Orchard

On Friday, October 7 several Foust students had the opportunity to visit Reid's Orchard.  Classes participating in the field trip included Mrs. Caudill, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Groves, Ms. Fiorella, Ms. Filzer, Mrs. Hurley, Ms. Holeman, Mrs. Palmiter, and Mrs. Angela Brown.  All students toured the orchard, enjoyed a hay ride,  sipped a cup of cider, and selected an apple and pumpkin to take home.  

Foust Open House Bookmark

Foust Open House

On the evening of Thursday, September 15, families visited Foust Elementary and had a taste of what students do daily at school.  Families were able to visit classrooms and learn about the curriculum in the classroom, the new Foust Buck system, the Leader In Me program, and more.  Student leaders warmly greeted visitors as they toured the classroom.  In addition to visiting the classrooms, families also visited special areas classes, such as music, gym, library, and science.  This was also a great opportunity for students to show parents our new Dr. Ben Carson Reading Room.  Once students had completed their visit and earned five punches, they received dinner.  In all, we had about four hundred visitors tour our building and learn more about what students do at school each day.  

Electronics Bookmark


Twenty seven fourth graders recently participated in an Electronics program after school with Mr. Covington. Students used Elenco Snap Circuit kits to build models of working electronic circuits.  Models are created using blue prints.  Each kit includes more than five hundred projects to choose from but favorites include FM and AM radio, voice recorder, light switches, fans, and many more.

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