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Science Night Bookmark

Science Night
Science Night was an opportunity for 3rd and 4th grade students to participate in a variety of phenomena-based experiences. These experiences included touching a static electricity generator and seeing their hair stand up, making cars move with the power of magnets, walking with moon shoes, and becoming a human bowling ball to collide with inflatable bowling pins. Students used their knowledge of science to explain what was happening at the 9 different stations they experienced.

Read Across America Bookmark

Read Across America
As Kindergarten celebrated Read Across America this week, guest readers visited their classrooms.  Staff from around the building shared one of their favorite Dr. Seuss stories as students listened attentively.  Students also participated in fun activities throughout the week like crazy sock day on Tuesday for the book Fox in Socks or mismatched clothes on Wednesday for Wacky Wednesday.  The week culminated with green eggs and ham on Friday and students were encouraged to dress as their favorite Dr. Seuss character. 

Club Day Bookmark

Club Day

On Friday, February 24, students spent hard earned Foust Bucks on the club experience of their choice.  Clubs offered included wood working, cake decorating, basketball, canvas painting, and many more.  Students who chose to attend the fancy hair club, went home with a new look and a small group of students starred in their own movie! Students and staff look forward to the next club day!

Griff the Groundhog Bookmark

Griff the Groundhog

On Groundhog's Day, students got a special vist from Kristen Allen and her rescue groundhog Griff.  Ms. Allen talked to the students about how groundhogs use their claws to dig burrows and use their teeth to eat plants.  She also taught students that groundhogs are true hibernators.  Later in their classrooms, students got an up-close look at Griff and his adaptations.

The Hero in Me Bookmark

The Hero in Me

Stand Up Week will take place at Foust Feb. 20-24.  During this time, Mrs. Owen will work together with students to define what bullying is and equip students with the tools they need to combat the problem.  This week will bring an awareness to the issue in a fun way and encourage students to see the hero inside.  Although each day is accompanied by a fun theme, there is an important message.  For example, on Monday students will dress as their favorite Superhero and be inspired by this saying from Superman, "You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me."  Be sure to check the red Wednesday folder for a list of the activities.  

Foust Bucks Bookmark

Foust Bucks

Foust students have the opportunity to earn dollars each day they are at school.  The first Foust dollar of the day is given for simply being at school on time each morning.  Then, throughout the day, students have the opportunity to work their way up the color chart for working especially hard, demonstrating good character, and being responsible.  Students are then paid at the end of the day based on the color chart.  Students this year have learned basic budget skills, such as saving and spending and evaluating needs and wants.  Recently an art cart opened at Foust and students had the chance to purchase art supplies.  The next spending opportunity students will have will be next Friday on Club Day.  Students are busy thinking about what Club experience they want to be a part of.  Options include cake decorating, healthy snacks, jewelry making, hair salon, canvas painting, woodworking, and many more.  Be sure to save up your Foust Bucks for Club Day!

100th Day of School Bookmark

100th Day of School

Several classes at Foust celebrated the 100th day of school in late January.  Students made cereal necklaces with 100 fruit loops, snack mixes made with ten types of snacks, and wrote stories about what their life will be like when they are 100 years old.  Kindergarten students even dressed the part! Congratulations Foust students, you are 100 days smarter!

Foust Students perform in the Community Bookmark

Foust Students perform in the Community

Foust Singers and Foust Feet have been busy the last two weeks at basketball game performances. They each performed at KWC and OHS games! Foust Singers led the National Anthem before varsity games, while Foust Feet entertained the crowds during half time. With basketball games behind them, they are now working hard preparing for the Fine Arts Festival performances. Choir night for Foust Singers is on Wednesday, March 22 and Dance night for Foust Feet is Wednesday, March 29!

The Miracle of Metamorphosis Bookmark

The Miracle of Metamorphosis

Third grade students have been observing the life cycle of the painted-lady butterfly for the past several weeks.  They are studying the phenomenon of metamorphosis.  When the butterflies first came, they were tiny caterpillars the size of a fingernail.  Students documented the growth and change of the caterpillars. In just a few short weeks, the caterpillars formed a chrysalis.  When they came out of the chrysalis a few days later, the students got to see beautiful butterflies!  Talk about phenomenal!

Awards Assembly Bookmark

Awards Assembly

Please join us on Friday, February 3 at 1:30 as we recognize students for their academic achievements for the second quarter of school.  Numerous awards will be given out including Star Citizen, Honor Roll, and Perfect Attendance.  Reward criteria can be found in your student's red folder that comes home each Wednesday.  These awards are based on the information from reports cards going home on Wednesday, January 18.  We hope to see you there!

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