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Foust Bucks

Foust students have the opportunity to earn dollars each day they are at school.  The first Foust dollar of the day is given for simply being at school on time each morning.  Then, throughout the day, students have the opportunity to work their way up the color chart for working especially hard, demonstrating good character, and being responsible.  Students are then paid at the end of the day based on the color chart.  Students this year have learned basic budget skills, such as saving and spending and evaluating needs and wants.  Recently an art cart opened at Foust and students had the chance to purchase art supplies.  The next spending opportunity students will have will be next Friday on Club Day.  Students are busy thinking about what Club experience they want to be a part of.  Options include cake decorating, healthy snacks, jewelry making, hair salon, canvas painting, woodworking, and many more.  Be sure to save up your Foust Bucks for Club Day!

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Santa's Elves

Santa's elves stopped by Foust Elementary this week to make preparations for the Christmas Store.  Next week, students will have the opportunity to spend Foust bucks on Christmas gifts for others at the store.  Gifts will even be wrapped so students can give them to someone special and wish them a Merry Christmas!

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Halloween Shopping

On Friday, October 21, students were given the opportunity to spend Foust Bucks at the Halloween store.  Items on sale included candy, wigs, decorations, accessories, and full costumes.  Prices ranged from $1 to $50 for students who had been saving throughout the school year.  Students earn Foust bucks for being at school on time and exhibiting outstanding behavior and responsibility through out the day.  Students have many opportunities to shop throughout the year and many are already looking forward to our Christmas Store.  In addition to staff members who donated items for the store, we would also like to thank local businesses for their discounts and donations including Target, 5 Below, Halloween Havoc, Sam's, and Bargain Hunt.  

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