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Science Night
Science Night was an opportunity for 3rd and 4th grade students to participate in a variety of phenomena-based experiences. These experiences included touching a static electricity generator and seeing their hair stand up, making cars move with the power of magnets, walking with moon shoes, and becoming a human bowling ball to collide with inflatable bowling pins. Students used their knowledge of science to explain what was happening at the 9 different stations they experienced.

The Miracle of Metamorphosis Bookmark

The Miracle of Metamorphosis

Third grade students have been observing the life cycle of the painted-lady butterfly for the past several weeks.  They are studying the phenomenon of metamorphosis.  When the butterflies first came, they were tiny caterpillars the size of a fingernail.  Students documented the growth and change of the caterpillars. In just a few short weeks, the caterpillars formed a chrysalis.  When they came out of the chrysalis a few days later, the students got to see beautiful butterflies!  Talk about phenomenal!

Abracadabra Bookmark


Students in Ms. Owen's science classes mixed up a variety of potions this week.  After creating just the right formula, students eagerly waited for their potions to react!

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