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Each year at Foust, students are given the opportunity to participate in our school's Student Lighthouse Team. This “club” consists of a select group of students who exhibit various leadership qualities and are dedicated to making our school and community a better place. For the first time this year, students were asked to complete an application to be considered for the leadership team. Students had to answer questions like, “What makes a great leader?” and “Who is a leader you look up to and why?” Based on student responses, twelve students were chosen and formed our Student Lighthouse Team. This team sets an example for others of what a leader looks like and how a leader behaves. These students also help our school financially by collecting, organizing, and submitting box tops for our school. These students lead the school pledge and Pledge of Allegiance each morning along with recognizing birthdays. The Student Lighthouse Team is a dedicated and ambitious group of students whose main goal is to make our school great! 

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