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    When: Wed, August 2, 2pm – 6pm

    Where: Owensboro Middle School, 1300 Booth Ave, Owensboro, KY 42301

    OMS North General 7th and 8th Grade Supply Lists Bookmark

    OMS North

    General 7th Grade Supply List:

    Laptop backpack

    Pencils (either wooden or mechanical)

    Pencil top erasers

    Broad tip washable markers 8/set or 1 set- 7” colored pencils 12/set

    Red and blue pens

    2 glue sticks

    2 bx - Facial Tissue

    Loose Leaf paper

    1 pk ear buds or headphones


    1 bag of individually wrapped candy

    Scientific calculator – to be kept at home

    Once students are assigned an individual team,
    additional supplies will be required.

    General 8th Grade Supply List:

    Laptop backpack

    4 - 2 pocket folders - (1 ea) red, green, yellow, blue)

    6 pk- - #2 pencils, wood, unsharpened 12/pk

    1 pk- pencil cap erasers, 12/pk

    Red and black pens

    1- Soft pencil case- 3 hole w/ grommets

    2- boxes Facial Tissue

    3- 6 pk- Filler paper, wide rule, 120/pk

    4- 1 pk graphing paper(notebook type)

    1 pk earbuds

    2- 2’’ 3 ring Binders w/ Pockets

    Scientific calculator – to be kept at home

    Once students are assigned an individual team,
    additional supplies will be required.

    Laptop Turn In Day Bookmark

    Laptop Turn In Day
    Students physically cleaned their laptops before they were sent away to be digitally cleaned over the break.

    Mother Daughter Banquet 2017 Bookmark

    Mother Daughter Banquet 2017
    Tish Correaosborne, CEO of Girls, inc. was the key note speaker at the Annual Mother/Daughter Banquet this year. She delivered an encouraging and inspirational speech to the attendees.

    College and Career Fair Bookmark

    College and Career Fair

    Several local businesses and colleges visited OMS on Friday. Students had the chance to speak with different representatives throughout the day and acquired in depth knowledge about each of them. Various booths included: Byron & Barclay, All Care, Nations Medicines, Home Realty, Mustard Seed Photography, Rhoads & Rhoads Attorneys at Law, James H. Davis Funeral Homes, Edward Jones Investments, Evansville Federal Credit Union, WBKR Radio, Don Moore Auto, Unifirst, Larry Maglinger Music Production, Independence Bank, Kenergy, OHS, Owensboro Health, University of Southern Indiana, RWRA, Kentucky Wesleyan College, Brescia University, Owensboro Community and Technical College, Owensboro Fire Dept., Owensboro Police Dept., and Owensboro Daviess County Yellow Ambulance.

    Day at the Museum Bookmark

    Day at the Museum
    OMS North students on the Explorer Team visited the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, & Science. Everyone enjoyed the many "hands on" exhibits the museum has to offer!       CLICK HERE for MORE!

    "B.A.E" Cards a Hit Bookmark

    The Explorer team has implemented a positive behavior strategy with great success this year. Every three weeks, students receive a “BAE Card” (behavior, attitude, effort). The cards are divided into 3 sections, with one letter on each section. Students write their names in each letter box and are required to take their BAE cards with them to each class. They must keep them out on the corner of their desks at all times.

    If a student makes a poor choice (examples include minor disruptions of class, being off task, missing assignments, etc.), the teacher will remove one letter from the BAE card. If the card is not out on the desk and the teacher has to ask the student to get it out to take a letter, two letters will be removed. This motivates students to keep their cards out and visible at all times.

    When a teacher removes a letter, they record the date, their name, and the offense next to the student’s name on a Google doc that is shared among the team teachers. This prevents students from leaving their BAE card at home and not being able to turn in a letter, trying to use someone else’s card, etc.

    At the end of the three week earning period, students are taken to the auditorium and divided into two groups (those with at least one letter left, and those who have lost their cards or lost all three letters). At that time, students are informed of their reward for keeping at least one letter for the whole earning period.

    Students who lost their BAE card or who lost all three letters are taken to classrooms to work on meaningful assignments (Study Island, iXL, review packets, etc.). Students who have at least one letter are allowed to put their remaining letters into a drawing for small prizes (candy, drinks, etc.). In addition, all students who earned the BAE reward by maintaining at least one letter are allowed to participate in our BAE reward for that earning period. Past BAE rewards have included free computer time, a trip to the ice skating rink, an entertaining guest speaker, a trip to the roller skating rink, snacks and drinks during a team reward movie, a bowling trip, etc.

    We have found this system to be extremely effective. The students are always excited when the BAE reward is announced, since it changes each time, and they have no idea ahead of time what the prize will be. Students who may not qualify for Honor Roll or Perfect Attendance rewards often qualify for the BAE reward, meaning they are recognized for making positive behavior choices. The system is easy to understand and implement, and students have a constant reminder of expectations when they see the card on their desk.

    Amy Bellamy
    7th Grade Language Arts

    Byron Douglas visits OMS North! Bookmark

    Byron Douglas visits OMS North!
    14 News Meteorologist Byron Douglas spoke about weather and how the weather portion of the news is produced with students at OMS North on Thursday Feb. 16th.  Students learned in depth details and even how the Green Screen works!

    Put Some Drive in Your Google! Bookmark

    Put Some Drive in Your Google!
    Mr. Hardesty (North Campus Computer Tech.) visited classrooms to demonstrate how students can backup their files using Google Drive.

    OMS 2017 Track and Field Progress Bookmark

    OMS 2017 Track and Field Progress

    The new track and field project should be finished by the start of the track season next year.  The track will be used for OMS and OHS track meets.  Thanks to financial partners Kentucky Wesleyan College and Owensboro Health, the track will also be used by the KWC track team for home meets and by Owensboro Health for community health events. 

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