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Devil Dollar Rewards Bookmark

Devil Dollar Rewards

Devil Dollars can be earned in a variety of ways: good attendance, nice manners, showing leadership traits, etc. Each student has a log that they use to keep track of their money. Depending on the team, some students make deposits daily into the school bank. Others will deposit at the end of the week. Students are encouraged to save their Devil Dollars for reward days. So far, we have had snow cones at the OMS South Pole Snow Shack, popcorn, and hat day! After Fall Break, we will have the first big reward. We will be opening the school’s Devil Dollar Store! The Devil Dollar store contains a variety of items and will only be open on certain days of the year. Some items will cost more than others. We hope this might encourage a student to save, save, save!

Pictured above are students enjoying snow cones this past August. It was a great day!

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All Pro Dad

To: OMS-S  fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and men taking a part in our students’ lives

OMS-S will be starting our first All Pro Dad’s group.  All Pro Dad is a program for children and their fathers together.  Tony Dungy, former NFL coach and official spokesperson for All Pro Dad, supports the mission and need for a program that focuses on dads.  All Pro Dad was created to bring intentional focus to fathers around the world with support and encouragement from their program as well as meeting with other fathers in your community.   

Our intentions at OMS-S are to bring fathers (or father figures) and their children together once a month at school to support the need for strong male role models in our students’ lives.  Our first meeting of the OMS-S edition of All Pro Dads will meet on Tuesday morning, September 20th  from 6:50am-7:30am.  Breakfast will be provided for everyone in the group.  Dads are invited to come, bring their OMS-S student, and enjoy FREE BREAKFAST as well as implementing life-giving activities to inspire communication and better relationships for dads and their children. 

All Pro Dad Group dates for the 2016-2017  school year:

Sept 20th,  Oct 18th,  Nov 15th,  Dec. 20th,  Jan 17th,  Feb 21st,  March 21st,  April 18th,  May 23rd. 

We look forward to seeing you and your child.


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School Hours

Owensboro Middle School South starts at 7:30 and dismissal is at 2:30

Doors open at 6:45

OMS South also has a new phone number! (270) 686-1128

Registration Information Bookmark

Registration Information

OMS Registration (North and South Campus)

Thursday, August 4th

2:00 p.m -6:00 p.m


5th Grade Jumpstart

Friday, August 5th

9:00 a.m-11:00 a.m

Picnic Lunch for 5th Grade Families

11:00 a.m -12:00 p.m


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