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Devil Dollar Rewards

Devil Dollars can be earned in a variety of ways: good attendance, nice manners, showing leadership traits, etc. Each student has a log that they use to keep track of their money. Depending on the team, some students make deposits daily into the school bank. Others will deposit at the end of the week. Students are encouraged to save their Devil Dollars for reward days. So far, we have had snow cones at the OMS South Pole Snow Shack, popcorn, and hat day! After Fall Break, we will have the first big reward. We will be opening the school’s Devil Dollar Store! The Devil Dollar store contains a variety of items and will only be open on certain days of the year. Some items will cost more than others. We hope this might encourage a student to save, save, save!

Pictured above are students enjoying snow cones this past August. It was a great day!

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