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Class of 1958
Beginning this year (2010) and all following years, the class plans to meet twice a year: 
JUNE:  Second FRIDAY of the month  -  Dinner 5 PM -  Moonlite
(This is an opportunity to attend Friday After Five in downtown Owensboro after dinner.)
DECEMBER:  First SATURDAY of the month - Lunch 11 AM  - Moonlite
If you plan to attend one of these reunions, please contact either Barbara Simpson Olson or Vivian Powers Nall for reservations.
Email bbjolson1@roadrunner.com or nallvivian@bellsouth.net or call Barbara at 270-684-3677 or Vivian at 270-683-8674.

OHS Class of 1964
Contact: Judy Dixon 270-316-7803 - judybugdixon@hotmail.com

OHS Class of 1966
For Information contact:
Sharon Hagerman - sharonha930@att.net or 270-684-3639
or Larry Masters - 270-316-5836
or www.facebook.com/groups/OHS66

OHS Class of 1967
For more information: smithwrightp@aol.com or call 270-485-3617

OHS Class of 1968
50th Reunion
Aug. 31, 2018 at Friday After 5 at RiverPark Center Field Founders Room
Sept. 1, 2018 - 10:00 AM - Tour of Owensboro High School (enter at front door)
Sept. 1, 2018 at Owensboro Country Club 7-10 PM
Cost is $60 per person.
Make checks payable to "OHS Class of 1968" and mail to:
Janet Suwanski
450 Griffith Ave.
Owensboro, KY 42301
Email Janet Laswell Suwanski at Janet.Suwanski@owensboro.kyschools.us

OHS Class of 1972
45 Year Reunion - June 23-24, 2017
Contact is Janella Fulkerson - jfulkerson333@aol.com

OHS Class of 1973
Email Marilee Schalk Van Arsdale - MarileeJVA@gmail.com

OHS Class of 1974
Contact is David Ross dross@uwov.com

OHS Class of 1975
Contact is Fred Wahl fredwahl5@gmail.com

OHS Class of 1976
Contact is: Melinda Francis 270-302-4490
or melinda42303@yahoo.com

OHS Class of 1977
40 Year Reunion - September 1-2, 2017
Contact: Ken McKenzie - tower107@hotmail.com
Donna Bolser - bolsermd@yahoo.com
Alan Veach - veach1959@yahoo.com
Steve Arnold - stevearnold@thegridiron.us

OHS Class of 1979
Contact Donna Musser at 270-993-2293 or dmusser423@yahoo.com

OHS Class of 1980
Details are on Facebook page for OHS Class of 1980 or contact Karen Knott Southard 270-313-1115 or Martha Adams Acquisto 270-929-1988

OHS Class of 1982
35 Year Reunion - June 16-17, 2017
Contact is Jaynan Day-Wheeler - jday@riverparkcenter.org

OHS Class of 1984
E-mail Chris Gaddis at Chris.Gaddis@owensboro.kyschools.us

OHS Class of 1987
Email: classof1987.ohs@gmail.com
Official Website: www.ohsclassof1987.com
Check us out on Facebook where over 130 classmates have connected: www.facebook.com/groups/classof1987.ohs/

OHS Class of 1994
Visit Facebook page - Owensboro High School Class of 1994
Contact: Ashli Gabbert - ashli.gabbert@owensboro.kyschools.us

OHS Class of 1998
20 Year Reunion - coming 2018
Contact: Allison Bandy Robinson at owensboro98@gmail.com.

OHS Class of 1999
E-mail Billi Jean Roach at BRoach@carpetsunl.com or call 270-231-5199.

OHS Class of 2001
Email Carrie Fiorella at cbfiorella@gmail.com or Jessica Gentry Weafer on facebook.

OHS Class of 2002
For more information contact Daile (Tucker) Hancock at dailemarie9@yahoo.com.

OHS Class of 2003
Email Logan Johnson at logan.johnson2@owensboro.kyschools.us.

To request that your reunion information be displayed here, email Jessica Boarman at jessica.boarman@owensboro.kyschools.us


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