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Mark Moore - Principal

Trent Thomas - Parent

Jeanette Walker - Parent

Crystal Adams - Teacher

Nathan Hart - Teacher

Wendi McLevaine - Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Why iMiddle School?

Just as students are showing great success with both the conventional high school approach at OHS as well as the innovative project-based learning approach at Owensboro Innovation Academy, the split screen philosophy of allowing for this same choice is now being afforded for the middle school environment.  Owensboro Middle School North continues to offer high-quality programming to prepare students for high school. iMiddle School will offer families an opportunity for a project-based learning environment in its approach to high school readiness.

What is a New Tech Network School?

The New Tech Network is a nonprofit organization that works with schools around the country to transform teaching and learning. Their vision for success is college and career readiness for all students. They achieve this by providing resources and direction for facilitators in each affiliate school.

What is project-based learning?

It’s just natural learning. It’s the real world. When students enter the workforce in any career, they work with other people to solve problems. That’s how students will learn at iMiddle School. They will be given a real-world problem and work with a team to solve it.

How does project-based learning serve all students?

It doesn’t matter what career path students take, project-based learning will provide them will real problem solving experiences. The development of the student through those experiences will transfer to any type of career - whether they are working at a bank, in engineering, nursing or public service.

How is the teaching different in this type of school?

Teaching in this environment isn’t just beneficial to students, but teachers as well. Often, subjects will be combined in project-based learning. For example, students may need to use math and foreign language to solve problems throughout the project. This pulls teachers together and helps them understand each other and at the same time, students see those connections and learn from them as well. It’s all about collaboration and learning from each other.

What would you say to those who are successful in a conventional school setting who are thinking about trying project-based learning?

If a student is already successful in a conventional school setting, project-based learning can help them grow even more. They are going to need collaboration and communication skills and project-based learning will give them the tools to grow into productive young adults who will succeed in both secondary and career endeavours.

What measures of success can you show that project-based learning actually works?

Research shows that students who learn in project-based learning environments out-pace students in a number of areas including higher results on state testing and composite ACT scores, higher graduation rates, higher college admission and more. You can find the full report in the New Tech Network 2017 Research Findings.

If I attend iMiddle, do I have to attend OIA?

No, there is no commitment to OIA as a secondary school once you complete middle school. You can attend either high school in our district based on your interests and future goals.

What grades will iMiddle School serve?

iMiddle School will serve students in grades 6-8. Approximately 300 students will fill the hallways.

What is the cost to the student?

There is little to no cost to attend iMiddle School. It is still a part of the Owensboro Public Schools district.

Where will the school be located?

The school will be located in the former Owensboro Middle School South campus at 2631 South Griffith Ave. Owensboro, KY 42301

Can students still participate in extracurricular activities (band, athletics, etc.)?

Yes, iMiddle school will have some student organizations and extracurricular activities, however, students will still have the opportunity to participate in clubs or organizations, including athletics, through Owensboro Middle School.

What calendar will iMiddle School follow?

iMiddle School will operate on the Owensboro Public Schools schedule and calendar, including cancellation due to inclement weather.

Will transportation be provided to the school?

Yes, students will be provided transportation just like they would to any other Owensboro Public School.

Is this school open to students that are not in the Owensboro Public Schools district?

At this time, we are only accepting students that live in the OPS district.

What is the application process?

The application window has closed for the 2019-2020 school year. Applications for the 2020-2021 school year will be available around December.

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