Registration for Virtual Academy

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Although we plan to release our full reopening plan on July 24 to in-person classes, a portion of the plan will be a virtual only option, the Virtual Academy.

Our hope is to have in-person classes for everyone, but we know that option doesn’t fit for all our families (personal or family health conditions, other high-risk factors, etc).

If the virtual only option fits your student or family needs, please fill out the intent to register below. Be sure to READ CAREFULLY as there are some special stipulations for this option.

Virtual Academy Registration

Virtual Academy Registration (Spanish Version)

Questions should be addressed, before submitting the form, to

For families with multiple children interested in the virtual academy, a separate registration form would need to be filled out for each child. Deadline to submit is Friday, July 17th at 4:00 pm CT.

Many people are asking about more details before they make a decision. What we can tell you at this point is that families need to work under the assumption that in-person classes will look much like traditional learning with certain changes such as masks and students in the classroom. Virtual Academy would mean that students learn virtually with a teacher assigned to their grade level.

You can pull out at any time prior to the start of school. However, once you start in the Virtual Academy, you are assigned to that until the end of the semester or restrictions are lifted from the state level.

We understand there are still many questions, but this registration is vital as the district is trying to get a grasp on how many students we will have in-person versus virtual.