OPS to Begin In-Person Learning Oct. 12

In-Person Learning - A - Monday Oct. 12 - B - Thursday Oct 15 - Reminders: Masks are mandatory, visit reopen.tradition1871.com for your school's specific procedures, only show up on your assigned day.

Owensboro Public Schools will be moving forward with in-person learning beginning this Monday as originally planned.

Students in the “A” group will report on Monday while “B” group will report on Thursday.

A few reminders: ALL Healthy at School guidelines are still in place. We have seen both locally and in districts across the state that when the guidelines are followed properly, schools are not contributing to community spread.

Masks will be required at all times by all individuals in the buildings and social distancing will be observed.
It is important for all families to continue to follow health and safety guidelines even when not in school to help ensure that we don’t have to back to virtual only.

We continue to have constant communication with other districts in our area and across the state as well as the Green River District Health Department. We will continue to report, as required by Executive Order, our positive cases and quarantines for those who are in-person. That information can be found on the district website.

If our district, or another in our community, is deemed to have contributed to a community spread situation, we will certainly go back to virtual learning to prevent any additional spread.

Your individual school plans can be found on our reopening website at reopen.tradition1871.com. Be sure to check those out prior to arriving on campus on Monday or Thursday!

We look forward to having our students back in-person as we continue through the school year! See you Monday!