OHS’ Harrington Accepted to Harvard University

Harrington Headshot

Owensboro High School senior Kaysia Harrington has been accepted to the prestigious Harvard University.

Harrington is a 4.0 student, has scored a perfect score on every AP test she has taken and is the Senior Class President at the high school.

She believes this accomplishment is a reflection of what happens when schools invest in communities that don’t normally get invested in.

“I’m one of the few minority students in my classes,” Harrington told 14 News. “I’m one of the few low-income students in my classes, and I think that it shows that if you do give attention to those communities, it does pay off. We do have a lot of potential, and I hope that this is a reminder that we should invest in those types of programs that help students like me.”

Kaysia plans on studying history and literature and hopes to start an organization that fights educational inequity after she graduates.

She is the first Owensboro High School graduate to be accepted into Harvard since Jason Sauer in 1998.