District Installs Ident-a-Kid Software in All Schools

Owensboro Public Schools announced over the summer that the district would be partnering with Ident-a-Kid, a visitor security screening program that allows schools to track visitors, students, staff and volunteers more efficiently while improving building security.

Now, in each school building, before a visitor can enter a school building they will be required to scan their drivers license or official ID into a kiosk that will run their information through a nationwide sex offender registry and a custody background check.

Alerts will be sent immediately to the appropriate staff if a check-in requires action.

The software also more efficiently tracks student tardiness, early check out for doctor appointments, and more that sync with Infinite Campus directly. This program is now in place in all Owensboro Public Schools. 

Parents and guardians need to be prepared with their driver’s licence or other government issued ID when checking into a building or checking a student out of the building. If you do not have an ID, there is a process for checking in, but it will take a longer period of time.