OIA Engineering Program Saving District Money

With school budgets as tight as they are and the uncertainty of the state budget for the upcoming year, each dollar saved by schools is valuable.

It’s even better when saving money can be combined with learning new skills and that is exactly what is happening at Owensboro Innovation Academy.

The engineering program at OIA teaches students about drafting, plotting, 3D printing, programming, robotics and more. Now, students are helping save the district money by programming 3D printers to print their own supplies.

When the engineering program was first created, special kits for projects needed to be purchased by the school for students to use, however, now, the students have taken it upon themselves to recreate those very kits with a 3D printer instead of having to purchase new equipment every year, saving the district money in the process.

The engineering program has also helped cut plexiglass and 3D print holders for the plexiglass to distribute across the district, saving thousands of dollars in the process.