Cravens SBDM

2020 – 2021 Cravens Site Based Decision Making Council

Cortney Inklebarger – Principal

Quincy Hamilton – Parent

Latisha Wilson – Parent

Donna Bray – Teacher

Emily Brown – Teacher

Zack McDole – Teacher

Meetings will be held at 3:00 PM on :

  • September 16
  • October 21
  • November 18
  • December 16
  • January 27
  • February 24
  • March 24
  • April 21
  • May 12
Mary Lee Cravens Elementary School 
Site Based Decision Making Council 
By-Laws, Policies and Consultation Policy 



Cravens is a PAWSative place to learn and grow. The SBDM council, teachers, parents and students’ mission is to ensure each learner will achieve the skills to be successful. At Cravens we show Positive Attitude, Act Responsibility, Work for Success, and Show Respect. P.A.W.S (revised 2018) 

1.2 NAME

The name of the council shall be Mary Lee Cravens Elementary School Council. 


The address of the council is: Mary Lee Cravens Elementary School 
                                                     2741 Cravens Avenue 
                                                     Owensboro, KY 42301 


The council shall consist of 6 members: 3 teachers, 2 parents and the principal. A school with a combined minority population of eight percent or more must have at least one minority member on the council. See KRS 160.345(2) (a) (2) (b) 1.-2 


Teacher members-one must hold a position at the schools that requires a state certificate. One must hold the position of principal or assistant principal or head teacher. 


Teacher and parent elections shall be held on or before the end of May of each year and in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Owensboro School Board in accordance with Kentucky Educational Reform Act of 1990 as may be amended from time to time. 


The Teacher representative designated by the principal and the chairperson of the PTO for Mary Lee Cravens Elementary school shall be responsible for accepting nominations, preparing the ballot, conducting the election, and tallying the ballots. Nominations for teachers shall be submitted to a teacher representative designated by the principal at least one week before the election so as to permit time to prepare a ballot. Nominations for parents must be submitted to the teacher representative and shall follow the same procedure as noted in the teacher nomination listed above. 


The teacher representative designated by the principal shall conduct the election and the tallying of the ballots for the teacher representatives on the council. The election procedure shall utilize secret ballots, and the election of the teacher representative shall be by majority vote (more than half). Election of parent members shall be by secret ballot and also by plurality. 


All elected members of the council shall serve one-year terms beginning July 1 of designated year. All newly elected SBDM members shall be required to attend professional development activities related to SBDM. 


A vacancy is created when a teacher is no longer assigned to school, a parent no longer has a child enrolled in the school, a member has missed three unexcused (no show) meetings each year without council approval, or a member submits a written resignation. The teacher representative shall be the teacher with the next highest vote total in the most recent teacher election. The Cravens PTO shall follow the same procedure for a parent vacancy. The term office for any member elected shall be the unexpired term of the position vacated and shall be eligible for full term election. 


Council officers shall be elected at the July meeting. 


The principal shall serve as chairperson. The chairperson shall preside at all meetings. The chairperson will work with the council, directing the affairs of the council including monitoring committee progress. The chairperson will prepare a tentative agenda for all meetings and see that the agenda is mailed out at least one week before each meeting. 


The council shall elect a vice-chair from among its member. The vice-chairman shall exercise all functions in the absence of the chairperson. The vice-chairperson will maintain a listing of the membership with phone numbers, addresses, and attendance, and will assist the chairperson as needed. 


The secretary is responsible for: 
a. Keeping full accurate accounts of the proceedings of all meetings of the council. 
b. Providing copies of the minutes and the next meeting’s agenda. 
c. Preparing any official correspondence that may be requested. 
d. Maintaining a “Council File” containing copies of all minutes, council plans, and progress reports, and council related information from the district or state, and a copy of the by-laws to all new council members within one month of their selection. 
e. The secretary may be a council member. 


a. The council retains the authority to appoint officers as it sees the need. 


The council shall implement KRS 160.345 (2) law as needed. (see attachment) 


At the first meeting of each council term, the council shall elect dates and times for regular scheduled meetings in each month of the year at the address record. The principal shall notify the local news media of the scheduled meetings. 


All council meetings are open to the public and must comply with Open Meeting Laws and Closed Meeting Laws of the Commonwealth of KY. The council may meet in closed session under the conditions provided in the KY Open Meeting Law (KRS.61.805-61.850) (see attachment). 


A special meeting of the Council may be called by the Chairperson or by any three Council members with a three (3) school day notice and no less than twenty-four hours. 

The following steps will follow: 
• written notice to all council members 
• date, time, & place 
• contents (agenda) 
• posting of notice only items on agenda will be discussed at this meeting. 


A quorum must be present for transaction of business at meetings. A majority (50% + 1 of council membership) of members need to be present with at least one parent and one teacher present. 


A tentative agenda shall be prepared in advance of each meeting by the Chairperson and distributed to council members and posted in the staff lounge and other locations in the school one week prior to the meeting. A copy of the last meeting’s minutes should be attached to the tentative agenda for all to review. Any council member, faculty, staff, or parent may request that an item be added to tentative agenda; however, it must be turned in ten (10) school days prior to the meeting. Setting the final agenda of each meeting is the first order of business of the school council. Items may be added to the agenda by council members at this time. Each item on the agenda shall be fully discussed by the Council before any decisions are made. The council may set limits on the number of persons who may speak and the length of time each may speak. 


It is the policy of the council to encourage consensus. For those instances where consensus cannot be reached, the issue shall be tabled until the next meeting unless the item in question has an established deadline that will occur before the next meeting. A majority vote will be required for the council to take action. The minutes will reflect how each member voted. 


A decision made by a council may be the subject of a timely appeal made by an employee of the school or parent of a student at the school. 

The appeal process shall include the following. 
a. The issue must be presented in writing to the council for reconsideration. The issue for council reconsideration shall be delivered to the principal who shall bring the matter before the council within ten (10) school days from the date the issue is prepared to the council for reconsideration. 
b. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved at the council level, the issue may be submitted in writing to the superintendent. The superintendent will have ten (10) school days to resolve the issue. 
c. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved by the superintendent, the issue may be appealed in writing to the board of education. The Board shall act on the appeal within forty (40) school days of the board meeting when the appeal was heard. 
d. If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved by the board of education, the issue may be presented to the commissioner of education. The decision of the commissioner of education shall be final. Appeals of council action will be reviewed to determine if the council action violated council or district policy, exceeded the authority of the council or was otherwise unlawful under state of federal law. 


The secretary shall keep minutes of each council meeting. The minutes shall state accurately each council decision taken. If the decision was to adopt a written statement of policy or a written statement of some other decisions, the entire text of that statement shall be attached to the minutes. The minutes shall be reviewed and approved by the council at its next meeting. Immediately after the meeting at which minutes are reviewed and approved as written, any member of the public entitled to inspect them. 


The council may establish standing and ad hoc committees, as it deems necessary. The use of committees to assist the council is encouraged. The council will provide each committee with a written charge of the committee’s responsibilities, including procedures and time frame for reporting to the council. 


The council shall have the following standing committees: 
• Student Achievement 
• Professional Development 
• Home/School/Community 
• Steering Other standing committees may be formed as deemed necessary by the council. 


Teachers, parents, staff, and interested members/leaders of the community will choose the standing committee they are most interested in working with. Every teacher is expected to be on a standing committee. Ad Hoc committee membership will be formed with consideration given to the interest and willingness to serve. Meetings are open to the public. 


A chairperson for each committee shall be elected by majority vote of the members of each committee. It is the responsibility of the chairperson to ensure that his/her committee’s recommendations are presented to the council in written and verbal form for consideration. 


The council shall provide space on the agenda for any committee reports that may be appropriate. Committee reports shall be written and verbal. Minutes of committee meetings should be kept and available for inspection by members of the council or public and also a copy is to be given to the SBDM secretary as soon as possible after the meeting. 


All motions to amend the by-laws shall be submitted in writing. No decision on a motion to amend the by-laws shall be made until after the topic has appeared twice in the preliminary agenda for council meetings. 


1. Determination of curriculum, including needs and curriculum development shall be determined in the manner set forth in the Cravens’ School Improvement Plan. This plan will be reassessed annually by the Content and Assessment Committees. 
2. Assignment of all instructional and non-instructional staff time shall be determined by the Program Coordinators and or Department Managers. (Head Custodian & Cafeteria Manager) Input will be solicited from staff with final approval of principal. 
3. Assignment of students to classes and programs within the school shall be determined by members of the Primary Committee and Program Coordinators. Any student entering Cravens Elementary for the first time and is 6 years of age by October 1st will be initially placed in an Entry Level –P1 setting until further assessments are conducted. 
4. Determination of the schedule of the school day and week shall be set by the Cravens Calendar Committee subject to approval of the local board. 
5. Determination of use of school space during the school day shall be assigned by the principal in the manner he/she believes will be in the best interest of the students. 
6. Planning and resolution of issues regarding instructional practices shall be determined by the Content Curriculum, Professional Development, and Assessment Committees. 
7. Selection and implementation of discipline and classroom management techniques, including responsibilities of the student, parent, teacher, counselor and principal shall be dictated by school board policy as set forth in the Student Discipline Code and Guidelines for Students and Parents, and Cravens’ Parent Student Handbook. 
8. Selection of extracurricular programs and determination of policies relating to student participation based on academic qualifications and attendance requirements, program evaluation, and supervision shall be determined by the principal in the manner he/she believes will best promote student success. 
9. Procedures consistent with local school board policy, for determining alignment with state standards, technology utilization, and program appraisal shall be determined by Content Curriculum Committees. 
10. Formation, membership and responsibilities of standing committees shall be dictated by the Mary Lee Cravens School Based Decision by-laws dealing with committees. New committee membership will be formed at the end/and/or beginning of each school year. 

Policy #11 
Consultation Policy Procedures for Hiring Certified Personnel Excluding Principals 

1. Principals shall inform Superintendent/Designee to post the vacancy for no more than thirty days (30 days). 
2. Principal shall request applications from the Central Office. 
3. The Principal may recommend a selection committee, which may include, but not be limited to, a representative from the area most closely associated with the vacated position. The Principal shall serve as chair of the committee. 
4. The Principal will screen applications and check references. The Principal and selection committee will conduct interviews. In emergency* situations, minority availability, or shortage area, the selection committee procedure may be waived. 
5. The Principal will report selection recommendation to the SBDM Council for consultation at a council meeting (regular or called meeting with at least a quorum of the council). In emergency* situations consultation may be conducted by phone. 
6. The Principal will make the final decisions concerning personnel and report to the Superintendent/Designee the selected personnel for the position. Emergency shall be defined as the needed to employ a person at a time when council members are not available to consult with the principal in a timely manner, and when immediate commitment is needed in order to assure the employment of a top candidate. 

Policy #12 Primary Program: 

Cravens’ Primary school will incorporate multi-age groupings as needed to ensure students’ continuous progress, with teacher determining groupings most helpful to students, with parent input considered as needed on individual basis, providing developmentally appropriate instruction. 

Policy #13 Reconsideration of instructional materials, including library/media material: 

The school library media program strives to maintain a diverse collection that represents various points of view on current and historical issues, as well as a wide variety of areas of interest to all students served. Though one parent or member of the school community may feel a particular title in the school library media center collection is inappropriate, others will feel the title is not only appropriate, but desirable. These steps will be taken if asked to reconsider materials: 
• The complainant will fill out a written complaint form 
• The Superintendent will be advised that a complaint was received 
• A reconsideration committee of five (5) members will be assigned to examine the materials in question (rep. from the Dept. of Instruction, Principal or designee, library media specialist, site-based parent, teacher) • The committee will report their decision to the site-based council and superintendent. 
Procedures for Handling Complaints No duly selected materials whose appropriateness is challenged shall be removed from the school except upon the recommendation of a reconsideration committee. 

Procedures to be Observed 
1. All complaints to staff members shall be reported to the building principal involved, whether received by telephone, letter or in personal conversation. 
2. The principal shall contact the complainant to discuss the complaint and attempt to resolve it informally by explaining the philosophy and goals of the school district and/or library media center. 
3. If the complaint is not resolved informally, the complainant shall be supplied with a packet of materials consisting of the district’s instructional goals and objectives, materials selection policy statement, and the procedure for handling objections. This packet will also include a standard printed form, which shall be completed and returned before consideration will be given to the complaint. 
4. No reconsideration will occur until completed packet is returned to building principal. 
5. In accordance with statement of philosophy, no questioned materials shall be removed from the school pending final decision. Pending the outcome of the request for reconsideration, however, access to questioned materials can be denied to the child (or children) or the parent making the complaint, if they so desire. 
6. Upon receipt of a completed objection form, the principal in the building involved will convene within five (5) days to the Reconsideration Committee to consider the complaint. (This committee shall consist of the curriculum director and these people from the school involved: the principal, the library media specialist, a parent representative on the site-based council). 
7. The committee within 10 days shall meet to discuss the materials, following the guidelines set forth in Instructions to Reconsideration Committee, (p.4) and shall prepare a report on the materials containing its recommendations on disposition of the matter. 
8. The principal shall notify complainant of the decision. If the committee decides to keep the work that caused the complaint, the complainant shall be given an explanation. If the complaint is unheard, the principal will remove questioned materials from the appropriate school program.