About Us

Mission Statement

At Estes Elementary we are developing and expanding growth mindset and lifelong success for every student through grit, innovation, and leadership.


Parent Involvement

Parents and staff are supportive, communicate openly, and trust one another to prepare the whole child for the future. All parents have high expectations for their child’s success.


All staff, students, and parents show grit and are accountable and responsible for the teaching of the whole child.  Teachers, who are held to the highest of expectations, are the leaders of their grade levels and involved in curriculum decisions which are based on what is best for the children. 

School Culture

We create a kid’s first culture where we have clear expectations and students are responsible for their learning through growth mindset, grit and leadership.  Our innovative school is a place where the students are expected and feel compelled to give 110%, and everyone feels safe and valued.

Student Achievement

With the high expectations of Estes Elementary, the students are the leaders of their own achievement and give 110% effort.  Our goal is to be the #1 in the state, and all students will achieve at or above grade level, with a 100% high school graduation rate.


Our innovative and engaging instruction is based on research and best practices.  Our instruction is individualized for personalized learning through developmentally appropriate, cross-curricular, and real-world learning experiences, which prepare the whole child for lifelong success.